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" This is insane! How insane is the realism!!!"
Beauty Consultant
"OMG!!! I love this artwork! This is so special to me! Thank you"
"I was speechless by the result! It was exactly what i asked for!"

About Us

ShinyArt provides custom art from photos with the purpose of spreading love, happiness and capturing precious memories through professional fine art.

Why ShinyArt?

  • You will offer an original and unique gift!
  • Your artwork will be to an art gallery standard since our artists are professionals and hold a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts!
  • Your art will maintain its quality over the time as all the art materials used are acid-free.
  • Your custom art comes with a certification of authenticity!
  • You help the community since everything is locally sourced.
  • You support a local non-profit organisation and spread more happiness through ShinyArt’s donation!
"Perfectly captures my husband and I! Thank you so much."
"I love this! Rollie Pollie (my dog) is absolutely stunning in this artwork!"
Medical student
"My mum was crying when she saw the portrait drawing we made for her!"

Previously Commissioned Artworks

How does it Work?

We offer drawing with graphite and coloured pencil, dry & oil pastel and acrylic painting. We are also open to new projects. Contact us at Find a variety of topics and sizes on the Order page.
Acrylic paint resists water. Acrylic painting is recommended for large paintings. It gives a natural shine to the work and is good for over 50 years!
Graphite is a material found in pencils. It is used for the creation of portraits, architectures and landscapes. A layer of professional preservative spray is applied to the design to maintain quality. The graphite drawing gives a very refined and artistic result to your work.
All the artistic materials used are acid free! Your artwork will maintain its quality over the time!
1. Choose a subject. 2. Choose a dimension. 3. Send your photo and the subject and dimension chosen by email to: 4. Receive your work in 7- 14 working days. Start your order here
For your illustration needs, we need the following information: 1. The submission date for the final works 2. The number of drawings / paintings needed 3. And a script if it’s for a book. Contact us or send the information by email.
The frames are made of real wood!
The works are conducted by local artisans who have more than 38 years of experience in the field! These are professional frames!
For works on paper, the works in graphite, dry pastel, watercolor and colored pencil, they are framed using a molding, a glass, an acid-proof mat around the work and an anti-acid cardboard to the back of the work. A mat is a cardboard frame on a piece of art. The primary function of the mat is to create a space between the work and the glass of the frame so as to protect the work from direct contact.
For works on canvas, works in acrylic painting, we use a floating. This framing technique consists in leaving 1 to 2 cm between the canvas and the edge of the molding.
The material is acid-free, museum-quality, which protects your work from yellowing and thus maintaining its quality. Our frames are made of real wood!
We accept payments by Credit cards and Paypal.
Yes. There is a deposit of 15% when ordering and the rest is paid at the end of the work.
You can choose a subject and a dimension here, and after send us the information by email to 
It takes between 7-14 business days for your artwork to be completed. From there, you receive it between 2-5 business days from your local postal service.
$ 10- $ 25 fixed price for paper work for deliveries in Canada. $ 25- $ 45 fixed price for paintings on canvas for deliveries in Canada.
Unframed, the works on paper (graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, dry pastel) are rolled in a tube or sent in a bubble envelope, protected with acid-free paper. Framed, the works on paper are packed in bubbles and placed in cardboard boxes. Unframed, the paintings on canvas are unstretched and are rolled in a tube or sent in a bubble envelope, protected with acid-free paper. Framed, the works on canvas (acrylic, oil painting) are wrapped in bubbles and placed in cardboard boxes.
"My baby's portrait came out really nice. My wife loved it!"
"It was an exact replica of my picture! I was very pleased with the skill and attention to detail.."
"It was a bigger and better version of the photo which seemed complicated since it was old."
Camp Trainer
"Amazing job! And good customer service! Will order again to make a portrait of my grandsons."
Stunning quality! My husband and i thank you for the beautiful rendering of our family photo. It looks great in our home."

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